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April 21, 2019

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Bermuda Masters Swimming Association

The Bermuda Masters Swimming Association (BMSA) is the representative body for Masters swimmers in Bermuda and exists to promote health and fitness in adults through swimming. It is for adult swimmers of all ability levels, whether they wish to swim for general health and enjoyment or to participate at local or international competitions. Anyone 18 years of age or older can become a member.

BMSA is an autonomous organisation but comes under the umbrella of the Bermuda Amateur Swimming Association (BASA). BASA is the national body responsible for the development, promotion and control of swimming. It is recognised by FINA, La Fédération Internationale de Natation, as the official organisation to foster and regulate swimming in Bermuda. FINA governs swimming, open water swimming, diving, water polo, synchronised swimming, and Masters swimming worldwide. It provides uniform rules and regulations for swimming competitions around the world. For BMSA to hold a FINA sanctioned swim meet it must be recognised by BASA. BMSA is an associate member of BASA for this purpose and we have one full directorship on the BASA board to enable Masters swimming to have a voice within BASA. BMSA members wishing to compete in FINA sanctioned swim meets, such as competitions organised by BASA or a Masters meet held overseas, must also pay an annual individual membership fee to BASA.

To join, complete our membership form (Adobe Acrobat PDF format) and send it to us with the applicable annual membership fee.

BMSA 2014 Committee

President: Nick Strong E-mail
Vice President: Paul Viney E-mail
Treasurer: Vacant
Secretary: Vacant
Webmaster: Nick Strong E-mail

Open Water Swim Organiser:
Nick Strong E-mail

BMSA Contact Details


Postal Address: BMSA, PO Box DV300, Devonshire DVBX, BERMUDA

The BASA pool, which is on land leased from Saltus Grammar School, is managed by BASA. Any questions about adult swimming programs offered by BASA should be directed to the BASA Aquatics Manager, Ben Smith tel. 292-1713